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Welcome to the Elmbridge Multi-Faith Forum

This is your website for information on Faiths within the Borough of Elmbridge and its surrounding areas

Our aim to inform you where to find the place of worship of your Faith, the address or name of members of Faiths should you wish to make contact, and some basic information on different Faiths

The information on Faiths is provided by followers of each of the Faith.  Other Faiths and denominations will no doubt be included as more contributions are received

The database was compiled with, as far as possible, the agreement of the churches and individuals concerned, although some information was extracted from official websites


We have just published two booklets giving information about the major World faiths. These are available by contacting us at: info@elmbridgemultifaith.co.uk Alternatively they can be downloaded as PDFs:

Volume 1 - faiths of Indian and Persian origin Download
Volume 2 - the Abrahamic faiths Download


Surrey Faith Links: www.surreyfaithlinks.org.uk

Kingston Interfaith Forum: http://e-voice.org.uk/kingston-inter-faith/

Elmbridge Multifaith Forum is supported by grants from the Surrey Community Foundation